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Partners Poland Mediation Centre has been founded in 1998, as a part of Partners Poland Foundation, which is a non-governmental organisation aiming to promote peaceful dispute resolution and democratic ways of decision making. Mediators are well prepared psychologists, sociologists and lawyers. They have participated in a number of mediation trainings both in country and abroad (USA, Hungary, Sweden, Slovakia); trainings in family rights, marital conflicts, psychological assistance, etc.

We deliver various types of mediation services – Partners Poland Mediation Centre mediate family disputes, intra-organisational cases, work place and business disputes. The majority of cases mediated in our Centre are the family ones. Business disputes are being dealt with at Business Mediation Centre, where Maciej Tanski, head of Partners Poland Mediation Centre, is the director.
We conduct trainings in conflict resolution, negotiation, interpersonal communication, management of organizational change, social communication, contacts with media and elements public relations, and, of course, mediation, including TFTs.

Maciej Tanski mob. (0048) 503 306 173